Our prosthetic team designs, fabricates, and fits state-of-the-art prostheses for all levels of amputation. Our in-house laboratory produces lightweight, custom fabricated prostheses made specifically for each individual’s needs. We are here to help maximize your potential to live a normal and productive life.

At POA, we establish long term relationships with our patients as we continue to service their prosthetic needs for years to come. Our practitioners take time to  educate our patients about their new prosthesis and schedule follow up care to ensure best possible outcomes.

Prostheses we Provide

  • Partial foot
  • Symes (through ankle)
  • Below the knee (Transtibial)
  • Knee Disarticulation (through knee)
  • Above the knee (Transfemoral)
  • Hip Disarticulation (through hip)
  • Microprocessor controlled prostheses (C-Leg®, Plié®, etc.)



Our advanced technologies are reliably tested and incorporated into our daily practice. This offers you the chance to benefit as an individual from these advanced systems, rather than receiving just ‘standard’ routine type care.



POA was the first practice in Texas to introduce this technology and our patients now benefit from it on a daily basis. The Aqua Casting System is a unique casting system for both below knee and above knee amputations.

The system allows a cast to be taken while the person is standing with full weight on their limb in a special casting chamber. This accurately mimics the pressures placed on the leg during walking which duplicates the shape of the limb under these conditions. The benefit is enhanced control and comfort resulting in a prosthesis that responds more naturally, like a part of your body. 



The HiFi system is a state-of-the-art casting system that compresses the soft tissues surrounding the leg bone to provide superior stabilization and control. The concept was initially designed for arm amputees and was later adapted for leg amputees based upon it’s remarkable successes. 

Specific ‘zones’ of pressure are applied to the limb during the casting procedure. For above knee amputations, a specialized ‘imager’ has been designed which accommodates full weight bearing during casting allowing the compression zones to be customized for comfort and stability.



Adjustable sockets can be provided for both upper and lower limb amputations. This feature provides the opportunity to make adjustments to your socket as needed for limb volume changes throughout the day. At the time of your initial assessment we will discuss the socket design that will best fit your individual needs.


Getting started

Here’s our step-by-step process for a new amputee

  • Prostheses

    Scheduling A Visit

    • Call to make an appointment
    • Fill out some basic paperwork
  • Orthotic Services

    Your First Appointment

    • We will do an initial evaluation and discuss your goals
    • You may receive a prosthetic shrinker (compressive elastic sock) to reduce swelling and help shape your amputated leg
    • You will receive a book for new amputees written by our founder
  • Pediatric Orthotic & Prosthetic Services

    Next Appointments

    • Once your limb is shaped by the shrinker, a cast will be taken
    • You will return for a trial walk on a test socket
    • If only one test socket fitting is needed, you will receive your prosthesis at your next appointment
  • Pediatric Orthotic & Prosthetic Services

    Therapy & Follow-Up Appointments

    • You will be referred for physical therapy after you receive your new prosthesis
    • Once you have completed physical therapy, you will be scheduled for a follow-up in our office
    • Future follow-ups will be scheduled to make adjustments as your gait changes