POA Texas


POA designs artificial limbs and braces for people who refuse to be limited by an amputation or orthopedic condition. We use breakthrough technology to help our patients get their lives back. Our practice has been serving people in Texas and the lower 48 states with quality prostheses and orthoses since 1984. Our commitment is to be here for you every step of the way.


Our Story

At POA, we provide a world class level of prosthetic and orthotic  intervention for both adults and children.


“Mac” contracted polio at the age of 9 months, which left him with one leg completely paralyzed, and the other partially paralyzed. As a result, he has worn a left Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) since he could walk.

While he was thankful to have a brace to help him walk, there were many drawbacks in the basic design. The brace was directly connected to an  orthopedic shoe with a large lift attached to it. The design was bulky and the brace tore every pair of pants he wore.

At the age of 20, Mac made a list of everything he didn’t like about his brace. Then, he designed his own. A certified orthotist agreed to make him a brace based upon that design – the result changed his life. The orthosis was shaped to fit his leg and foot, with the lift built right into it. This allowed him, for the first time, to wear regular shoes like everyone else. It was a brace designed by a user for a user. Mac wanted to make the same kind of difference in the lives of others that his custom designed brace made for him. That’s when the dream for POA began.

Today, POA has 4 certified and licensed prosthetist/orthotist practitioners and its own in-house laboratory. The POA team has helped restore thousands of people back to the Speed of Life.